First Day of School

Here we go! Enjoying School...at home! Our momentum is good and lets hope it stays that way!

Brooke is doing 4th grade this year...lots to do and the stack of books should keep her busy.

Ryan is taking on Kindergarten this year. Love the slow start as we build each day. His favorite thing right now? Taking all the large number flashcards and putting them in order all over our couch. Numbers 1-20 takes up all our couch in case you were wondering. Great fun.

And Lindsay has learned that saying "what can I do" over and over will GET you something to do. Whether its coloring, cutting with scissors or glueing she's the girl for the job. Or working through Ryans hand me down preschool book. Anything will do for her.

Our first visitor...Uncle Mike

Grandma stopped by for awhile too. Listening in with Brooke as she gets her instructions for her penmanship class.

Yep, we are doing school, just doing it at home as Ryan likes to say.

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  1. Looks like fun! I can see that studious look on Miss Brooke's face - I wouldn't have expected anything different! : ) Tell her hello for me - I love that girl!