To the Fair

We went to the fair twice this year. Usually it is a 1 time deal and we have our fill. This year The Newsboys were in concert on Monday night and Ryan & Lindsay stayed with Grandma since it was a late night. So we went back on kids night.

They had a Rain Forest exhibit this year that we went through and it had creatures. The kind kids like to look at. I like to look but then I get grossed out. This snake left me to wonder about going to the Amazon or anything of that sorts. He was pretty much HUGE and LONG and this tank was pretty big. This picture is deceiving. Believe me. This was just a small part of him.

We did the chickens, goats, bunnies, petting zoo, pigs, sheep, cows, etc. We only got a couple pictures of this. I guess child # 3 doesn't get as many fair pics.

And then we waited in line for a funnel cake which is just what we do every year. Ryan had his first fair corn dog while we waited in that long line. Funny how some things just taste better at the fair even if we can make them at home.

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