A New Year

As I sit down to type it feels...almost...unfamiliar. I have been painting and painting and painting. Still not done but getting closer. I think we may get moved yet this month. We will see. The beginnings of a new year stirred me to sit here and type. The challenge given today was Reading the Bible. Maybe you too can be encouraged by some of the things I jotted down in my notes from our church service today.

"The Mirror Reveals the Truth in 2010" James 1:19-27

We need to feed the inner man. We can do it by reading the Bible everyday.
God breathes life into His Word and when we read it we are resuscitated by it.
How often do you read from the Bible? If your oxygen was going to be cut off until you read the word how long would you live? Read the Word like you have the need for oxygen.
It can prepare or lay the groundwork for my walk in 2010.
When you arise out of bed and see yourself in the mirror would you go anywhere looking like that?
Everyday we faithfully prepare ourselves to be presentable.
We need to FAITHFULLY prepare our inner man.

Can you make a New Years resolution to read the word everyday this year?
You will be changed by it.

Read the Bible in a Year...6 months, 2 months or 2 weeks
Read the New Testament by Easter
Read the Bible in Chronological order
Read the Bible