Three-Cheese Baked Spaghetti

First there was spaghetti...

then there was baked spaghetti...

and now there is Three-Cheese Baked Spaghetti!

What makes this one different and why would you try this one?

I think first of all you would have to like feta cheese but if you don't you can substitute with cheddar cheese and it will be just as yummy. There is a bottom pasta cheese layer and then the sauce layer.

I couldn't agree with tammy more at tammysrecipes.com - you can prepare this earlier in the day, get your kitchen cleaned up and pop it in 35 minutes before dinner and you have simplified the mealtime chaos that can happen. Or maybe it only happens to me. Anyhoo...


Some things we have been doing...

Got to celebrate Polly's 40th Bday...loved seeing you guys even if it was only a few days!

Enjoyed a beautiful day in the snow...thanks U. CD & A. Myra for Boone Christmas Day in the snow!
Preparing for a garden...
Enjoyed a Seder Meal with the youth at church
Spending nights by the campfire...

Striving to keep life simple in spite of the busy-ness...the busy winter & spring is heading right into a busy summer. Plans are made right up to the next school year already and right now I am just looking forward to the end of school and the beginning of our summer vacation...only 4 1/2 weeks left!


I decided to finally try out this site! So far I have only used it for the online recipes I find and want to try someday but not now. In the past I was printing out recipes and keeping them stacked in a "to try" folder in my kitchen (and it is quite full) because it seemed to be the best method until Springpad! Springpad can be a shortcut on your desktop or in your favorites and after I open it I just click on the recipe folder under my stuff (you do need to create a free account), copy and paste the web address to create the recipe and it saves it in my recipe folder. I can view it there with recipe ingredients and it has the link to connect me to the actual site I got it from. Love, love it! No more wasting ink & paper until I decide to!

Heres the link to check it out! springpad: a free personal organizer and online notebook



"Mothering is like ditch-digging. As mothers we can do nothing to persuade or convince our children to love God. We can dig the ditches but we can't fill them. We can teach our children about God, pray for them, live the Christian life before them, and expose them to others who love and serve God. But only God can give them Spiritual life. God doesn't need our help, but in His sovereign plan He invites us to take part actively - to colabor with Him as He works in their lives."

Auther: Jean Fleming "A Mother's Heart: A Look at Values, Vision, and Character for the Christian Mother".

No I have not read this book. But upon reading these words it seemed to capture what my heart has been feeling...as we strive to give our children the best, physically and spiritually this is a great reminder to colabor with Him. When I start to worry how my children will make it in this world, I need not worry. Do my part and leave the rest up to God. Enough said.

All credits belong to here: digging-ditches

And how beautiful to see your child come full circle...read about it here:
A Holy Experience-when-it-comes-time-to-really-die

May you find the blessing today as you are raising your child for Him!