Basic Vanilla Shortbread

Did I have time to try this today? Not really but I think you will be glad I did.

This was easy peasy...the only thing I had to do was set out 3 sticks of butter to room temperature. The rest came together fast! If you are resisting the 3 sticks of butter, I hear ya! The great thing about this recipe is you can divide it and try all four recipes or one if you want. I didn't try the lemon glazed ones because I divided my dough in thirds so my shortbread would spread in an 8x8 pan (who has a 7x7? if you click on the link and read the recipe you will understand). They are yummy!
Pic by simplebites.net
Recipe by Ina Garten from The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

Without Obligation

I always laugh to myself when I read a blog that is apologizing for not posting, while I understand what they are saying I really believe blogging should be without obligation. REAL life demands enough without feeling like we need to apologize in blogger world for not being able to keep up. That being said we all have our own list of standards for ourselves and when we fall short I guess it is human nature to bring everyone else up to speed with why and where we have been.

So I have let myself down. Not gonna cry over it or anything but my goal to print this out someday as a simple journal for us to look back on will now be missing a chunk of fall 2010. The ebb and flow of my life revolves around organization - its just what makes me tick so its kinda hard to move forward but due to reality its just not gonna happen. But here is a a few I couldn't leave out!

Nephew - Lando Ryan was born 0n 9-24-10
We have yet to hold him but look at his picture fondly and wait for the day we can. He is an adorable little guy with 2 big brothers who will be showing him the ropes in life!

Field trip to The Children's Museum of Stockton

Brooke started piano at the beginning of summer. Piano is beautiful even in the practicing...when the song seems hard and the tears flow, back to the piano bench and with perseverence...the song comes together and there is a definite sense of accomplishment.