Doug's 40 now!

What to do when your husband says "I don't want a party when I turn 40".

Gather just enough friends so it doesn't seem like a party and go out to eat!

We didn't even have to sing Happy Birthday to him since a birthday song kept playing every so often...not quite the happy birthday song we all remember but it worked.

No grand entrance or fancy dining atmosphere but the food is well worth it, if its the kind you fancy. No menus. Everyone is served fresh bread, beans, soup, green salad, potato salad, lamb stew, french fries, and red wine and then an entree of your choice. Either pork chops, leg of lamb, fish, chicken, NY steak or tri-tip. I would recommend the tri-tip and Doug would recommend the leg of lamb. Now you, will just have to go try it for yourself sometime!

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