American Girl, Legoland & Disneyland

MAY 2010

With school done for the year, we headed south...to Legoland and Disneyland. The trip was for all 3 of their birthdays this year. Excitment was high and we had lots of places to get in 3 days!

First stop was American Girl for Brooke & Lindsay. This location is in LA at The Grove. Lots of traffic and a few twists in the road we found the parking garage and entered The Grove. A lovely place for shopping if you have the time. Sadly, we did not (I think Doug was really glad).

Lots of fun for little girls! You quickly fall in love with the clothes and accessories and then you look at the price on the box and can't believe your eyes! Brooke Lindsay and I went around the store several times. Good thing we didn't have more than a couple hours slotted there. The tea or luncheon would have been fun but it didn't fit our schedule. After we left, Lindsay wondered if we could go home and get Kit (her doll) so she could try on her new outfit. Really? :) Did she forget the long drive here already? I should have let her bring Kit but I was all about the light packing this trip.

We headed down the road a couple more hours. Legoland is in Carlsbad and about 30 min north of San Diego. We had dinner at Bucca di Beppo and after a nights rest we were ready to check out Legoland!

American Girl did not interest Ryan but he was soo excited to get here. He lives for legos and loved every minute. See New York City below...all in Legos!

Volvo had a driving track for kids...yes the cars were out of Legos!

Even Darth Vader made an appearance in Legos!

The rides were definitely geared for Brookes age and younger...they loved them. This one you had to pull yourself up by the rope to the top of the tower and then you let go for a free fall experience. I wondered what Lindsay would think and she loved it!

Lots of fun here but Doug and I were glad that the park closed at 5. We knew we had to drive up to Anaheim yet that night and had a big day at Disneyland waiting.

Finally we pulled in and since this was our last stop we stayed here for 2 nights. It seemed we could relax, a little.

Inside our room was lots of Disney...even our shampoo bottles had disney ears on them! It was a great place to stay and I would definitely stay there again!

After getting advice from a friend I had decided we would get up and get in line first thing for the Princess experience. We got there 20 minutes after it opened and stood in line for 45 min. to "meet the Princesses". You can be the judge whether that was worth it or not. :) Alot of things I have to do just once then I am good. This was one of them. Meanwhile Doug and Ryan did quite a few rides while we "waited". They had a good time!

So we were finally ready to hit the rides. Matterhorn was up first. Brooke & Ryan LOVED it! Lindsay, not so much. Her sunglasses flew off at some point in the ride and that was something she couldn't forget. She claims she NEVER wants to ride that "Mattehorn" again! :)

Ryan & Brooke were tall enough for Space Mountain. It was definitely worth the small wait.

Brooke, our driver!

The teacups in honor of Lindsay who was pretty much done with Disneyland. She was too tired and could care less!

Riding the tram back out of Disneyland...what a big day! We are all so tired. Doing Disneyland in one day is just enough for Doug and I but I can see why people stretch it out over 3 days. You have time to go back and rest and not pack so much in. Oh well...it keeps it cheaper doing one day. As if the word cheap even goes with Disneyland. :) But it was well worth the memories!