Happy Valentine's Day

We had a Valentine's Dinner at home tonight. On the menu was stuffed manicotti, salad, broccoli, bagels toasted in the oven with butter & garlic salt, chocolate dipped strawberries and sparkling cider - which my kids think is so grown up to drink. Since we were trying to create somewhat of a Valentine's dinner we got out candles and then I remembered I had gotten rid of those candle holders "that we never have used since we got them at our wedding". I scrambled to make holders with leaves & champagne glasses. It worked for me. Brooke wanted to put the "sparkling cider" in a bucket with ice and now I am left wondering where did she learn that?

So back to our evening...did I mention the attire? Some came in sweats, some with uncombed hair and some without shoes but it was still a pretty nice evening. I did spend some time in the kitchen, there was no busboy to clean up the dirty dishes but...I do have leftovers for lunch tomorrow and that works for me since tomorrow is sunday. I love doing leftovers for sunday lunch. I actually get a day of rest for the most part!

And just in case you hadn't thought too much about chocolate covered strawberries...I will leave you with this.


  1. Looks like a great night! And those strawberries....YUM!

  2. sounds like our kind of night!:) The pics make me miss your kids even more. I could hear Ryan talking with Cohen on the phone yesterday, and they sounded so grown up....then they resorted to making animal and body noises back and forth. Boys will be boys. Your strawberries look great! I need to do some of those. Tell the kids hi! Do you have a webcam? If not, sometime when you are at your parents we need to skype. Take care! I love and miss you guys!