Crazy Hair

Awanas has been a new adventure for the kids this year. And they are really enjoying it. They have alot of theme nights and one of them the other week was crazy hair night. Lindsay fell asleep on the way so I wasn't able to get a picture of her but here is Ryan with his hair. He wasn't sure he wanted anything done to his at first. I had planned to buy some colored hair spray but ran out of time. I am not sure he would have went for it though. It was traumatic enough to spike it with gel. Once he got there and realized what was going on he was good to go.

Brooke was all over this one. She had participated in spirit week at school last year and here is her results. A cup hidden inside the hair can do amazing things! Here is Brooke & Olivia. Two goofy girlfriends...

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  1. Awana has been a new experience for our children too this year! Fun, fun!