Off to the Races

Awana Groups usually do a derby car race at some point during the year. This is our first year in Awanas thus our first year to do a derby car race! You can design the block of wood into the design of your choice, thrown on some paint, attach the wheels, add stickers, etc. and your good to go as long as you keep it under a certain weight specification. That is the approach we took. After signing in, weighing in and then heading over to the table to place the cars Doug and I soon realized alot more time and thought had been put into some of the cars. Creativity and competition go a long way in this race and it was fun to see what all the cars looked like!

Ryans needed drilling out to get the weight down to limit. See the "Handy Manny" Toolbox car sitting on the tail gate? I told you there was creativity going on here! He was drilling out the entire inside and I am not sure if he ever got it down in weight enough to race but I think it won a ribbon for "show".

I thought the "raceway" was pretty cool!

And in the end if you didn't win a trophy you still got to go get cookies and I am thinking a cookie is better than a trophy any day! Ryan didn't really agree with me since he BADLY wanted a trophy - "sigh" he has lots to learn in the world of what is fair and square!

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