Catching up on Summer - July

The backyard got a makeover this year! It started with killing off all the grass back in the winter/spring and the old walnut tree had to go. It was beyond help but I will miss the cute little wooden swing that had been there for years! Hopefully we can find a new home for it.

Finally Sod Day had arrived...I love country...I love country dirt but I do not love country dirt right at my back door.

Loving the instant lawn!

My mom's youngest brother and his family came for a weeks vacation. We got to enjoy some time with them. Lindsay claimed Samantha as her "best friend".

Corn Hole is a great summer game with friendly competition...

Having a crowd on the sidelines adds to it!

They came over to our house for some chicken. You don't want to miss the annual Salida Firehouse BBQ...complete dinner in a pink box!

Brooke & Ryan had earned enough reading minutes for free tickets to Six Flags. Our summer felt busy enough but it was hard to not use them. So we squeezed in a day to head to Discovery Kingdom-Six Flags. I used to go as a child when it was Marine World and it is hard to still not call it that. That was one thing we did more than once when I was a kid and often it was when my Grandparents would visit from OH.

The next post will be of our 10 day trip to VA, OH & IN. It is lengthy enough it needs a post of its own...

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  1. Thanks for catching us up, Pam. It looks like you had a full summer before we saw you. By the way, what kind of potatoes are blue?