Indiana and Ohio - Part 3

Friday: After leaving the Creation Museum, we had a several hours till we got to IN. We stopped in Indianapolis to eat at "Famous Daves". The family dinner served on the tin lid is the best and they have great ribs.

We stayed at Dougs brothers...

Saturday: We had been going all week and I guess we were doomed to crash...we overslept due to me checking the time on my ipod and not thinking it did not change time like my cell did. So we scrambled a little to get to Aaron & Robertas for lunch. Great time of catching up...and fun seeing the kids get to know each other. Our oldest girls are about the age Roberta and I were when I went over to her house to play for the afternoon. Thanks guys for lunch and fellowship - if only we lived closer we could do it more often!

Courtney & Lindsay and their dollies

We only had about 30 min. to spare (we stayed too long of course and were late to the wedding) but it was great to see Dave & Mel, Kip & Amy, U. Melvin & A. Connie and Bev Ann and all the little kiddos! Thanks guys for driving the distance so we could see you!
Samantha & Lindsay

Ty & Ryan - They are big buds each time they get to see each other!

Cam, Cole & Ty

My only pics of the Bride & Groom. Congrats to Josh & Jenni!

Sunday: We called Doug's cousin Mike to see if we could meet for lunch. We missed seeing Wendy since she had to work but Mike came with his 2 little kids. Was fun to catch up with Mike, Micah & Happy!

The grown ups table at Arbys! :)

We said our good-byes to Kurt, Malinda, Heather & Holly! Thanks for the lovely hospitality and can't wait to see you in Oregon at New Years!

More road trip time...3 hour drive back to Ohio...to the Denlinger family night at Gpa's house. Heres the whole gang minus a few!


My cousin Paula & I. We were chatting it up here about life, kids, homeschooling, etc.

Sara, Mike & me. Yes Brooke, we see your fingers in the pic! It wasn't long ago it was my little brother Mike doing this type of thing now its my daughter!

Samanth & Lindsay - 2 blondies

Lindsay & Gpa Denlinger - Thanks to Phyllis for taking good care of us!

Monday: Lunch with Karen & Carrie, my Virginia cousins who are now in Ohio. Lunch was way to short...but still sweet.

Then we dropped by Ken & Kathy's, my cousin(schaurerfamily), after lunch. The kids swam, played legos and made memories while we got to sit and chat. Love you guys!

Down the road around the bend we went for dinner to Jake & Paula's. Kurt & Annette were there too. Doug had been friends with Jake & Kurt long before Annette, Paula or I were in the picture. They had some fun stories to tell. My camera was acting up again. No pictures to tell the rest of our trips story.

Tuesday: Closed up the suitcases and headed to U. Dan & A. Suzannes for lunch. Gpa and Phyllis came with us so we enjoyed a little more family time and knowing we were saying good-bye. Physically I was glad to be heading home but emotionally I was sad to say good-byes. It was a great trip and I am glad we packed it all in! Each day it was familiar faces for me and new faces for my kids but I think its a trip they won't forget. They remind me every now and again about something we did on the trip and that they want to go again real soon. I think to myself "me too".


  1. ahem...you do know that you were just across the field from me, right? :) Glad you had a good trip!

  2. Whew! That made me tired just reading it! Was so fun to see you all.