Fall Fieldtrips

Monterey Aquarium
I didn't end up with very many pics of the actual animal exhibits. The jelly fish and sea horses were my favorite. Sitting under a tide wash (under glass) and getting to see the shark tank was exciting enough for the kids. There is a whole nother world in the ocean that God designed! How awesome is He!

Hilmar Cheese Co.
We didn't go into the factory and watched one part through an upstairs window (cheese curds dumping into bins). Would I say it was a bit dissapointing? Maybe but I don't think the kids really knew and they did learn some things about the process and made their own icecream. I will say they have a lovely gift shop and cafe to dine in. Free cheese samples and icecream make for an interesting combination. :)

Shaking the icecream containers


Fresno Chaffee Zoo
After a few hours or so in a zoo, we are usually done. But I really like this zoo. Cheap entrance fee, lots of trees and bushes made it not feel so zoo-like and there were quite a few animals. That being said all the typical animals were there. It was a typical zoo fieldtrip. A few hours and we were done. :) Thats the kind of zoo visitors we are.

I am always amazed at the different animals that God has created and each zoo trip reminds me of this. The giraffe is extremely unique...I could have watched them a little longer.

Found these 2 animals in the gift shop

Brooke just read The Trumpet of the Swan and was excited to find a Trumpeter Swan here. It's horn-like call did sound like a trumpet. Imagine that.

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  1. Okay, so it looks like you are doing well with the field trips. I don't think I will tell my kids. Thanks for sharing. It is fun to see what you have been up to.