Since this blog is a continuing story from our "xanga.com/polkadotalot" blog...I feel the need to catch up. I really got on here to post on my laundrey room but if you know me at all you would know I am a tad obsessive when it comes to organization and my posting has to fall in line with this as well.

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Brooke's 8th birthday...
She was a 3 days before christmas surprise and so therefore her birthday is usually a quick celebration with family. This year was different. I decided we would work in a real party with friends and gifts and such things. Thanks to Aunt Morgan for making the "cake" and for helping out with craft time.

Brooke enjoys her friends so much and it was fun to have most of them make it to the party. She loves anything to do with crafts and cooking so we did glass bead necklaces and mini cheeseburgers. (recipe: vanilla wafers, chocolate covered mint cookies, icing for mayo/mustard, green tinted coconut-just in case your were grossing out at cheeseburgers :)) Thanks Mom for letting us use your house for the party.

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Ryan's 5th Birthday...
Just a week into the new year and we are celebrating again and this time its Ryan's turn. Its really starting to sink in that with turning 5 changes are coming. School is a big one that we talking about around here. We've been talking about why we go to school, and how it will be his school too not just Brooke's school. Its the beginning of a new chapter in his life and I am really excited for him. I know school is not starting for him for another 7 months but its really not that far away on the grand scale of things.

Happy Birthday Ryan!

We missed you...Dave, Kate, Cohen & Titus!

Yes, even Madeline Kate was here and it was nice of her to be "awake" for part of the time! We seem to miss her awake times. She must like a good party!

Now Lindsay has been saying "its my birthday"... how do you explain to a 2 1/2 year old its not till summer time?

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