The beginnings of a vacation week! We are doing a whole lot of nothing so far. I had my wisdom teeth pulled last wednesday and have been laying pretty low. Hopefully in a couple days it will get more exciting around here. I am up for jury duty wednesday, now that could be exciting. But I really am hopeful that my number won't get called and I won't have to go in. We were super busy the past few weeks and then my teeth got pulled and suddenly I was doing NOTHING and laying on the couch. Abrubt changes can mess me up. :) I feel unprepared for the nothing that is going on right now. I am sure this doesn't make much sense since its starting to not make sense to me either.

Ryan started t-ball this year. Everybody plays, everybody wins, everybody is happy in t-ball.
Thought I would share a pic of a very happy t-ball boy.

Brooke is playing softball again too. She wasn't sure if she wanted to again but is glad she did. From being afraid of catching a fly ball last year to getting 3 outs at first last saturday at a practice game, it sure is fun to see her conquer any fears of a softball.

And we have 5 weeks left of school after this week. I am really looking forward to this summer. We don't have any big plans but then again we don't usually make them to far ahead.

Enjoy your week and dwelling on the blessings of a RISEN SAVIOR! OUR GOD, He is Alive!

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  1. Love that pic of Brooke! She looks so determined!

    And I might just try your recipe for tilapia - it looks great!

    Have a great week!
    -Allison D.